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Our Mission


To make the world a healthier place by delivering affordable personalized fitness to people's homes.

About Us

Helf is an app and marketplace which connects you with the top verified fitness professionals both in-person and online. Filter by the style of training you are looking for, availability, price, experience, and more! Best of all, you decide where you meet. Have your trainer come to your house, a nearby park, gym, or wherever you decide!

How does Helf work?

After you download the app and create a profile, you can narrow down your ideal trainer using a number of filters:

Training Type:

In-person training or live online training


Training category:

Strength Training

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)



Meditation & Wellness


Sport Training


You can further refine your search by: price, time of day, experience level and more! Shop for the best wellness provider for your goals!

Private Messaging (2).gif

Message and voice call through the app without having to share your phone number!

Specify Injuries, Goals & more

Add notes for your trainer about your goals, injuries, or anything else you'd like to communicate beforehand! (1).gif
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